Thursday, 21 April 2016

Tamilnadu BSNL: Prepaid 2G&3G Data Plans

Tamilnadu BSNL is offering following data packs for 2G/3G customers under prepaid mobile services.

TN BSNL Introduced unlimited data STV-399, STV-699 and STV-2399 w.e.f 21-Apr-2016.

Reduced validity of the some the data STV w.e.f 20-Apr-2016.

Tamilnadu BSNL Prepaid Data STV(Updated on 21-Apr-16):

MRP (Rs) STV Description Validity (days) SMS Activation Code to 123
4 20 MB 1 (till 11:59pm of same day) STV DATA4
14 110MB free data 1 STV DATA14
29 150MB free data 3 STV DATA29
35 200MB free data 5 STV DATA35
45 250MB free data 7 STV DATA45
53 250MB free data 21 STV DATA53
68 1GB free data 1 STV DATA68
78 1GB free data 5 STV DATA78
89 1GB free data 7 STV DATA89
96 650MB free data 14 STV DATA96
155 1GB free data 15 STV DATA155
156 3.2GB free data 10 STV DATA156
198 1GB free data 24 STV DATA198
241 1.2GB free data 30 STV DATA241
292 2GB free data 30 STV DATA292
549 10GB free data 30 STV DATA549
561 5GB free data 30 STV DATA561
444 3GB free data 60 STV DATA444
821 6GB free data 60 STV DATA821
601 3GB free data 90 STV DATA601
1099 Unlimited data without speed restriction 30 STV DATA1099
1949 21GB free data 90 STV DATA1949
3302 30GB free data 90 STV DATA3302

Unlimited Data STV

399 speed 80 Kbps after 2GB 30 STV DATA399
629 speed 80 Kbps after 3GB 30 STV DATA629
2399 speed 80 Kbps after 16GB 60 STV DATA2399

To activate these data STV by SMS send keyword given against the STV to 123.
Ex: send STV DATA57 to 123 for activating STV57 using main account balance.

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