Saturday, 31 May 2014

Gujarat BSNL: Prepaid Special Tariff Vouchers

Guajarat BSNL is offering following Special Tariff Vouchers for 2G/3G prepaid customers under voice, data and SMS category.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Karnataka BSNL: Introduces Prepaid Data STV-155 with 1GB Free Data

Karnataka BSNL introduced new data rate cutter STV-155 with following features for prepaid 2G/3G customers from 26-May-2014:

MRP of STV in Rs. (incl. of S.Tax)
STV Feature
SMS keyword to be sent to 53733
Amount to be deducted by IN Rs
1GB Free Data
30 days
  • The above STV is applicable in Home LSA and in roaming also.
  • The above STV is available for all plans.
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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Karnataka BSNL: Launches "New Savinudi" Prepaid Plan w.e.f 15-May-2014

BSNL Karnataka circle introduced "New Savinudi" plan under prepaid 2G and 3G services from 15-May-2015 for a period of 90 days.

USP of Savinudi Prepaid Plan:

  • Free 50 Any network SMS per month for 6 months
  • F&F Tariff for 4 any network Karnataka numbers: [email protected]/min and [email protected]/min
  • Always Full Talk-Value on Rs.200 and multiples of 200 (Rs.400, Rs.600 etc...) 

Savinudi Prepaid Plan Details:

SIM Cost : Rs.20 (2G) and Rs.59 (3G)
Plan Voucher Cost : Rs.79 (2G & 3G)
Initial Freebies:

Any Net Talk-time : Rs.20
Video Call : NIL
Data : NIL
SMS : 50 SMS/month for 6 months
Voice Call Charges:

: 18ps/15sec (Local/STD BSNL)

: 18ps/15sec (All other calls)
Video Call Charges:

: Rs.2/min (Local/STD any net)
Friends and Family Charges4 Local Nos (any Network)
: [email protected]/min, [email protected]/min
SMS Charges:
Local/National : 35ps/SMS
ISD : Rs.5/SMS
Data Usage Charges : 2ps/10KB
Roaming Charges:
Incoming call :18ps/15sec
outgoing BSNL call :18ps/15sec (Local/STD)
outgoing Other call :18ps/15sec (Local/STD)
Incoming SMS :Free
outgoing local SMS :Rs.1.5
outgoing national SMS :Rs.1.5
International :Rs.5
Incoming video call :Re.1/min
outgoing video call :Rs.2/min (Local/STD, Any N/W)
Validity: 180 days

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Haryana BSNL: Free SIM Offer till 31-May-2014

Normal SIM with MRP of Rs.20 to be offered FREE of COST in Haryana BSNL circle, for all new activations!! Offer Valid till 31st May, 2014.

Karnataka BSNL: Re-introduced Fixed wireless phone Offer @ Rs.1000 with Rs125/Month Free Talkvalue

BSNL Karnataka circle re-introduced the promotional scheme for GSM Fixed Wireless Phone as detailed below and the same is implemented for a period of 90 days from 01-May-2014 to 29-July-2014.

1. Sale price of GSM FWP Rs.1000(Incl of all Taxes)
2. Sim Card Activation Rs. 20/-
3. Initial Validity 7 days
4. Plan Voucher The customer can choose Per second Plan Voucher-42 or Per Minute Plan Voucher-37 as per his/her requirement.
5. Free talk value Rs 125/- per month(Local/Std on net) for 12 months –Not Applicable while Roaming
6. Validity of the promotional offer 90 DAYS

  1. Any 2G unpaired SIM can be used for this purpose
  2. The free talk value of Rs.125/- per month allowed for a month is to be utilized within the month for which it is allowed and no carry forward will be allowed
  3. Existing validity extension/topup conditions as per the chosen Plan voucher shall be applicable and there is no change in all other terms and conditions.
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